spare parts

Aldermaston Tool Company

Professional quality spare parts for your power tools

Thousands of spare parts for your tools kept in stock

Keeping your tools hard at work

With power tools that have cutting blades, drill bits or other moving parts, they will need replacing over time. You want to be sure that you’re getting the right replacement part for your tools - a replacement part that will work as well as, or better than, the original part. With our experience and expertise, you can be sure that we’ll make sure you exactly the replacement part you need.

Looking for a specific spare part for your tools? Pop into our showroom or call us today on 0118 981 1470

Saw blades, drill bits and more

If your saw isn’t cutting as smoothly as it once was and your drill isn’t drilling like it used to, you might need to replace the blade or bit . We’re happy to discuss your replacement parts needs and give you recommendations. You’ll be glad to know that we keep a large range of spare parts for all makes and models of power tools in stock.

Making sure your tools are full of energy

Over time even the best batteries can lose their ability to hold their charge and will need to be replaced. You’ll find that we have a great selection of branded battery packs in a range of capacities and chargers ideal for keeping your tools working hard. If you need any advice on the best balance between weight, power and capacity, we’re here to help .

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